Pro Account

In order to be eligible for Pro Account, you must have signed up as a seller in the Xtendify Admin Console. If you are already registered with us, continue to Pro Account Signup for more details.

1. Benefits for Sellers

  • You can accept donations through Paypal for products offered as free of cost to the users.
  • You can show advertisement (limited 140 characters) in the sidebar of a product details page (connecting trial and pro version for a product was never easier).
  • Offer exciting discounts on your products and increase sales.
  • Boost your sales even more with cross-selling options.
  • Stand out from the crowd as we promote our Pro Sellers and Partners religiously.

2. Payment

  • Get Pro version for free trial usage for the first 3 months and continue the program if you like it on monthly payment basis.

3. Disclaimer

  • Donations - Please read Paypal's Terms and Conditions for accepting donations. You will need a Business or Premier account to withdrawn funds from your Paypal account. Some countries may not allow to accept donations online. As a seller, you are responsible for any liabilities arise from accepting donations through Xtendify.

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